We are ALL love incarnate by design and we now have structure proving this truth. ChakraKey brings us a framework – the “music” to help us understand our human spiritual nature including; our physical body, love, our emotions, our psychic abilities, all in a logical, easy-to-understand system.

There is much to learn about your Divine vessel and your spiritual nature. We evolve organically as we grow in consciousness and day by day choose to become a brighter expression of love. Thank you for taking the time to explore this transformational information. As you put this information into practice, the light of consciousness will grow and your life will be transformed into one filled with ever expanding Love, Peace and Freedom.

Love and Light, Rick


Proof that we are human spiritual beings

A diagram of our inner programming
Where your authentic power lies
Our physical nature
Our emotional nature
Our Spiritual nature
How to accomplish your greatest dreams
How to win at the “Game of Life.”

Knowledge is Everything

As a being of light, you will be empowered by understanding who you are, why you are here and the Divine assets you embody. We are complex spiritual beings living in physical form in a world of duality. By the very nature of our existence, life is confusing. There’s so much going on, both within and without. Navigating life without a map is like a sailor navigating a ship without a rudder. As a spiritual being with a body you are two entities, one physical and one energetic. Without understanding your physical nature, the will of spirit is easily over-powered by your physical drives for survival, sex and power. Once you understand the nature of your physical body, you can take charge of your life with a greater determination, set on accomplishing the more important goals of your life.

Meet Rick Ireton - Spiritual Educator and author of ChakraKey

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; The point is to discover them." - Galileo

We are more than just the body!
We are Spiritual Beings!

The 2 Minute Spirit Test will allow you to physically feel your Divine essence.
Go with Rick as he takes you on an inner journey into the heart and Root chakra where you can physically feel your spirit essence using touch and sound frequency.

Want Proof?
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The Key to Understanding is Found, on the Path of Love

The Map of Consciousness

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Toning the Chakras: A Revolutionary New Process for Self-Discovery and Self-Healing

The Chakra Toning process involves tuning the pitch of your voice to the correct chakra tone while listening to the correct frequency for each chakra. During the process you will learn how to tune your voice to create a harmonic resonance with the frequency that will send your own personal healing energy into the chakra. This activity will allow you to self-heal or heal others through sending amplified healing frequencies through your voice.
Watch Rick’s Chakra Toning video: Click Here.

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Toning the Chakras
By Rick Ireton


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