In this exercise Rick will take you through an exercise that will allow you to physically feel your Spirit essence as radiated in the Root Chakra. This experience is made possible due to phenomena known as “Harmonic Resonance.”

What is Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a standing wave frequency comes into contact with an object tuned to the same frequency - causing the object to vibrate at a level matching the generated frequency. There are many examples of this occurring in our world.

  • If there are two guitars in a room tuned the same, you can pluck a string on one guitar and the same string on the second guitar will begin vibrating creating sound sympathetic to the first.
  • If you have ever been to a clock shop you will notice that all of the clocks tick together and the pendulums swing at the same rate.
  • In an auditorium, heart beats synchronize together.
  • Ever been in a room with a crying baby? Need I say more?

Harmonic Resonance and Chakras

Through testing, we have discovered that each of our chakras vibrates at a specific frequency. In essence, our body is an instrument and the chakras are the strings. The strings are not physical strings such as on a guitar, but energetic centers within our body tuned by our creator to a specific frequency. Due to the phenomena of “Harmonic Resonance” you can activate your chakras by playing the specific frequency for the chakra.

For Example: when you play the frequency of 432hz, 216hz, or 108hz, (these are the same frequencies played in different octaves) you will naturally activate the Root chakra. As the 432 frequency continues to excite the chakra, the power of the chakra is increased to a point of which one can feel the physical sensation of the chakra with your hands. I demonstrate this in the 2 minute Spirit Test.

Keep in mind – by feeling your chakras, you are feeling your spirit essence. This is the part of you that never dies. This is the real you. This experiment also serves as proof of spirit. We are more than what we can see, we are that which we can feel.

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