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Rick Ireton – On a Quest for Love

Based on a hunch that love was the answer to the many issues we face in life, in 2002 Rick set out on quest to understand the deeper meaning of love. After 8 years of combing through everything he could find about love, Rick made a discovery that would forever change his life. Noting the relationship between the seven energetic points in the chakra system and the seven candles on the menorah, Rick turned an image of the menorah sideways and placed it next to an image of the chakra system. Upon close examination, he noticed how the branches of the menorah aligned with the upper and lower chakras. A short time later, Rick found a crop circle, formed as the chakra system with yet additional about our human spiritual design. Rick assembled the interlinking symbols into what we now see as ChakraKey – The Divine Code. Rick’s findings connects-the-dots helping us to understand the nature of our human spiritual design and how we fit into Mother Nature's plan for here on Earth.

Rick’s great dream is to live in a world governed by love. “We are one spiritual family, here to be a creative expression of light and love. As a field of flowers comes into blossom at one time, may humankind come in to bloom with a consciousness of love at one time.” To help with the great flowering, Rick founded the “Love, Peace and Freedom Foundation” a 501c3 educational foundation, dedicated to growing consciousness of love throughout our world through sharing educational materials about the ChakraKey. Thank you for supporting the LPF foundation with your time, effort and funding as you are able.

Rick is a graduate from San Bernardino Valley College, a father, business man, creative inventor, spiritual seeker, writer, and friend of humanity. For the past 22 years, Rick has served as Vice President of MGN Online; helping to grow the organization into the most widely used News Graphic Company's in America. As a creative inventor he has developed wave machines for waterparks, designed and built giant wave photography props and holds a patent for a brake system used in small wheel vehicles. Rick lives in Del Mar, CA

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