The subject of chakras and their frequencies is one of great controversy. If you research chakras and frequencies today on the Internet you'll find a variety of different frequencies assigned to each chakra. Many beautiful and elaborate musical pieces have been created to activate the chakras. In addition, there are companies manufacturing bowls and instruments making claims their product activates the chakras.

From my research all of the theories presented fail a basic physics test.

There is logic we must follow when determining the frequencies associated with each chakra.

1. For thousands of years, masters have reported to “seeing” colored vortices of spinning energy in each of their chakras. From my view, this provides the most important clue as to the associated frequency. 2. The chakra color perceived by those able to “see the chakras” in operation is generated by a corresponding frequency. 3. The color of the energy defines a range of possible frequencies able to generate the color. 4. Keep in mind – the chakra color is generated by the frequency. The color and frequency must be in alignment or they are incorrect. 5. Chart A below provides us with the range of frequencies for each color. 6. Chart A below provides us with the range of frequencies for each color.

Chart A above provides us with the range of frequencies for each color.

This chart illustrates the relationship between the color spectrum and the chakra system, musical notes, frequencies and vowel sounds audible by the human voice. Note how the frequencies in the chart above fall within the range of those shown on Chart A.

How we found the Chakra Frequencies.

Recognizing the-disconnect between the chakra colors reported by the masters and frequencies found on the internet, my friend Jan and I met with master musician, Hui Cox in New York City. After briefing Huey with our thoughts on the matter he suggested we go to www.onlinetonegenerator and experiment with frequencies in the right color range per Chart A above.

Knowing that color is a manifestation of frequency and believing in the testimony of Indian masters, we began researching frequencies for the Root Chakra within the range of 400 to 484 hz. After trying several frequencies none of which seem to indicate any sort of response, I recalled the frequency of 432 as being a foundational frequency within nature. Once the frequency of 432 came on, my friend Jan immediately felt the frequency in her root chakra. Jan is very energetically receptive to frequencies. I was not so quick to experience the frequency. It wasn't until I started breathing more and playing with different hand techniques that I was able at to absolutely feel the frequency. After trying several different variations of hand positions, I discovered one that seems to work very effectively for feeling each of the frequencies. Please note in the videos.

Once we were certain we had the root chakra frequency identified, we begin a systematic process for testing each of the chakras with frequencies within the prescribed range of color. Jan, being so energetically receptive was able to feel when the proper frequency was being played for each of the chakras. What we ultimately found where the frequencies shown on the Chakra Frequencies and Correlations Chart. These have been tested by friends in small gatherings. More tests need to be completed. Thanks for checking out yourself and reporting back!

Considerations about the “Music of Chakras”

As one might expect, the Root or base frequency begins with A – 432 and ascends within the music scale to the note G. The Table below lists each chakra with its corresponding frequency including 2 octaves below. The lower octaves provide a more “gross” frequency for the body and therefore easier to physically experience. Each of frequency is divisible by 8. Note the speed changes in the lower chakras, the heart chakras and the upper chakras.


Chakra Color Frequency 1 Octave Below 2 Octaves Below #Divided by 8 Difference
Red 432 216 108 54 6
Orange 480 240 120 60 6
Solar Plexus
Yellow 528 264 132 66 6
Lower Heart
Light Green 552 276 138 69 3
Green 568 284 142 71 3
Upper Heart
Blue Green 592 296 148 74 3
Blue 624 312 156 78 4
Purple 656 328 164 82 4
Violet 688 344 172 86 4

Why are the Chakra Frequencies Important?

The study of chakras is considered a “metaphysical” conversation and not given much respect in the world of academia. Being able to physically feel each chakra provides objective reasoning proving: • Chakra energy centers exists • There is a relationship between the chakras and the color spectrum that is measurable • That one is able to inter-act with the human body via the chakra system • That we are able to perceive the chakra system as a body of consciousness. • That we are human spiritual beings. • Our spirit essence is manifest through the chakra system The relationship between light, color, frequency and chakras is part of the natural sciences. This is basic truths we must be made aware of as we move into the new age.

Chakra Healing Modalities:

Healing is voltage. The chakras activate energetic pathways into nerve ganglia and organ systems within the body. Using Music, intention, and the healing power from the human Voice, energetic treatments can be produced specific to each person's needs. Within the treatment of variety of frequencies can be combined that might include frequency colored light energetic a Rama's healing touch that will empower and improve the body's natural healing abilities.

This table illustrates the relationship between chakra colors and the wave length of frequencies.

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