What is the ChakraKey?

What is the

ChakraKey is an info-graphic produced by connecting the energetic points of three ancient symbols. Together they produce a comprehensive body of information about the energetic design of the human spiritual being.

ChakraMan The man sitting with chakras colorized represents 4,000 + year old information about the chakra system. The colored orbsillustrate the color and general location of each chakra. We have confidence in the color and location of each chakra due to the many testimonies from Indian masters who are able to see swirling vortices of colored energy within their body.

Menorah – The Divine Pattern Design of themenorah / candle stick shown here was given to Moses by God as described in the book of Exodus. The purpose of the candle stick design was to help early man understand the chakras. The lamps illustrate the lights within the chakras we all contain.

Menorah - Turn the key to solve the mystery The Divine Pattern within the menorah is revealed whenturned sideways and placed next to the energetic centers of the chakra system.Once in position, one can clearly see a map or diagram illustrating the inter-connections between the center mast of the menorah with the heart chakra and the connections between the upper and lower chakras. Keep in mind;chakras refer to our “energy body” and not something that we can see with the naked eye.

ChakraSynergy Crop Circle ChakraSynergy is a reproduction a 370 foot long crop circle found sculpted into a field of barley in the UK. This amazing symbol comes to us as an info-graphic featuring a unique mix of elements including the seven energetic centers of the chakra system. Yin Yang symbols illustrates directional movement of the upper and lower chakrasand the energetic lines and orbs formed in the shape of a Yin Yang symbol illustrate the directional movement of the heart chakra. The heart symbol was added the center heart chakra for clarity.

ChakraKey – The Divine Code

ChakraKey presents us with a visual-aid detailing features of our Divine nature that would otherwise be beyond our ability to comprehend.While we have a great ability to see our physical body and the world around us we are unable to see the architecture of our energy body. ChakraKey provides us with an info-graphic detailing the energetic design of the human spiritual being. We hold this scared symbol as the “Divine Code” because it contains sacred information from our Creator that we might understand our Divine heritage.

The ChakraKey provides us with several missing pieces to the puzzle of life, explaining how our creator designed our body to be operated via frequency and vibration from our heart with mere thought.

The greater our level of understanding about any subject, the better we are able to use the information to our advantage. The more we collectively know about how we are made to love, the better we will be able to live together in Peace, Love and Harmony.

Life is much like a game, when you know the rules to the game; you play the game at a higher level. When you live in ignorance of nature’s natural laws one tends to “over-reach” power not understanding the repercussions of your actions.

We are a masterful creation of our most wonderful creator. One cannot help but awe of the human spiritual creation. We are all here for a reason, and of course, all of the dots connect in a perfect way, leading to our Divine perfection. There is harmony and order in our universe and love is at the core of everything.

Knowledge = Light = Love

The ChakraKey provides us with a color-coded info-graphic that makes learning the spiritual realities of life fun and easy to comprehend.We are able to face things in life we can understand. What is more important than understanding the Truth about our human spiritual design?

Using the symbol as a guide, we now have a map to follow that leads us to a greater understanding of the many complexities of our Divine nature such as:

• How we are made with three energetic systems
• How the heart works
• How the upper chakras govern the lower chakras
• Understanding the nature of love and how our feelings relate to frequencies, energy and color.
• How we fit into Mother Nature’s plan

Why is the ChakraKey important to us?

• We cannot master that which we do not understand.
• Without knowing, we are basically lost in the physical world, left to compete with others in the pursuit of power.
• Without knowing we are confused and easily manipulated by others for their own personal gain.
• Without understanding our many important features, we will not live to our highest potential.
• Without understanding the whole of who we are, we lack the big-picture view needed to make important decisions for our life.
• Without understanding that we are all Divine beings, we lack compassion for one another and limit our own personal growth.
• Without a collective understanding, our world is vulnerable to termination due to in-fighting for personal power.

Life is an inside game! It’s all about what you know…

To learn more, we are pleased to offer you the following FREE courses and videos:

• Symbols of the ChakraKey
• Chakra Basics
• Map of Consciousness
• Rules for the Game of Life
• Chakra Frequencies
• Understanding your Divine nature
• Your natural drives and how they can help, or hinder your life experience.
• Chakra Blocks and Resolves
• Rules for the Game of Life
• How to manage your power
• How to find your highest and best purpose in life

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