What are Chakras?

What are Chakras? - The Lights Within

Chakras are energetic centers of consciousness located along the spinal column and up to the crown of the head. Each one is like a mini brain or hard-drive on a computer. Each chakra is responsible for specific functions within our life. Each center operates on a unique frequency that produces a scale of colors that we can see in the rainbow as "the lights within." We are truly musical magical beings living in physical form.

Colored orbs on the man illustrate the color and general location for each chakra. The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" so named by Indian Masters who were able to see into the operation of their body during meditation and watch and hear each chakra centers in operation. They report being able to see vortices of colored spinning energy in specific locations within their body. The drawings we have now come from very old Indian writings describing these visions. Each chakra is responsible for specific aspects of our live. Yogananda called the chakras “energetic centers of consciousness” implying the each center had a mind of it’s own. It might be helpful to imagine your body being controlled by seven computer systems. Each computer or “drive” is responsible for some aspect of your life. Each center working together as one system in perfect harmony.

Although chakras are part of our subtle body, they are experiential, in that we can sense and feel each energetic center through a variety of experiences. Listed below is a basic description of each chakra. As you read about each chakra, bring your attention to that area and see how the description resonates with how you feel.

Root Chakra

Location - Base of spine in tailbone area.

Purpose - Drive for Survival

The Root Chakra seeks to connect with things or people that add to the sense of safety and survival in the material world. Through finding Security, the Root Chakra experiences RELIEF followed by Thankfulness - the face of Love that calms and satisfies the Root Chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Location - Pelvis area

Purpose - Drive for Physical Pleasure

The Sacral Chakra is concerned with pleasure and procreation. It seeks to connect with experiences or people that can connect it with the on-going experience of excitement and gratification. As the Sacral Chakra connects with what gives it pleasure, SENSUAL DELIGHT is experienced-- the face of Love that excites and satisfies the Sacral Chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location - Between diaphragm and belly button

Purpose - Drive for Personal Power

The Solar Plexus is concerned with power. It seeks to connect with people or experiences that will enhance and increase its sense of personal power in the world. When it makes a successful connection and its power is increased, EXHILERATION is experienced-- the face of Love that uplifts, fulfills, and satisfies the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Lower Heart Chakra

Location - 10th vertebra

Purpose - Drive for Personal Love

The Lower Heart Chakra is concerned with Personal Love relationships. It seeks to connect with people, pets or experiences that can connect it with the experience of feeling special and loved on a personal level-- because of who you are as a person-- just for being yourself. When the Lower Heart Chakra successfully connects with another who makes them feel special and loved, ACCEPTANCE is experienced-- feeling appreciated and part of the clan. This is the face of Love that fills and satisfies the Lower Heart Chakra.

Center Heart Chakra

Location - 7th vertebra

Purpose - Drive to Express Love

Middle Heart Chakra is concerned with passionate expression. It wants to connect with others directly on a heart-to-heart level. It’s like a burning fire that wants to initiate an action that creates an effect in the world, makes an impact-- wakes the other person up and starts a process of an intense energy connection. When the Center Heart Chakra successfully makes an impact on another or others-- connects with them on an intense level that creates both people feeling intensely connected with each other in rapt attention, it experiences PASSIONATE INVOLVEMENT-- the most intense and fiery love connection. This is the face of love that satisfies the Center Heart Chakra.

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