Chakra Matrix

CHAKRAKEY MATRIX - A Formula for Life!

We have always felt that we are more than just flesh and bones. Now, for the first time in the history of humankind, we have proof we are spiritual beings with bodies that we can see as our spiritual anatomy, and feel to be true by activating the chakras with sound frequency. See scientific evidence -

As spiritual beings, knowledge and understanding of our Divine mechanism is fundamental to our blossoming into the fullest radiance of our Divine expression.

In this workshop, Rick Ireton will present a ground-breaking discovery of 3 ancient symbols that interconnect to form ChakraKey – a visual-aid and formula that maps the energetic relationships between the chakras, music frequencies, the color spectrum, our emotions, and higher consciousness.

The ChakraKey Matrix will help you to understand:

  • Your Human Spiritual design
  • Your inner gauges (chakras)
  • Your emotional makeup
  • How to navigate life to your highest potential
  • The Universal Laws of Nature

Ultimately, life is about:

  • Love, spiritual growth, doing what you love
  • Mastering the body and becoming a radiant expression of our spirit self
  • Being of service to others.

How will the ChakraKey Matrix help me in life?

  • Life is an inside game. Our ability to perform is limited to what we know and believe to be possible. We grow from the inside out.
  • Chakra Matrix organizes the matters of life into a framework you can use to navigate life by trusting in your own authority and intuition.
  • To understand the complexities of managing a physical body as a spirit being.

Thank you for participating in this introductory course. ChakraKey opens the door for a new path of inquiry about who we are a Human Spiritual Beings and lays a foundation of thought for creating Heaven here on Earth. Our goal is to elevate consciousness of the general public using the ChakraKey visual-aids for marketing purposes. Seeing the symbols stirs one’s imagination and desire to learn more. By virtue of our design, we are all here to love and to be loved. We are at the forefront of a new world order, one whereby we governed by love, in peace and harmony with Mother Nature.

Help us get the word out. Raising consciousness is a marketing campaign that requires money, effort, and your participation. Conspire with us in love to make the world a more loving place.

Sponsored by the Love, Peace and Freedom Foundation
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Presented by Rick Ireton, founder of the Love. Peace & Freedom Foundation, author, and spiritual explorer. For the past 16 years Rick has been seeking ways to help people realize their divine nature through using the ChakraKey as a tool for understanding the deeper meaning of life. His passion is to build “Heaven here on Earth” by helping people to recognize their Divine nature as human spiritual beings. His book, “ChakraKey – A Key for Humanity,” decodes our inner programming, presents proof of our divine nature, and offers a map we can use to navigate life in harmony with Mother Nature.

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