What is the ChakraKey?

What is the ChakraKey?

ChakraKey was produced by combining symbolic information about the chakra system with the seven candle menorah, and a crop circle found sculpted into a field of barley in England. ChakraKey presents a symbolic visual aid illustrating the energetic design of the human spiritual being. Each element within the ChakraKey provides us with a unique piece of the puzzle of life. Together they provide us with a comprehensive body of information about who we are as spiritual beings, why we are here, and how we are destined / designed to evolve into love…

ChakraKey Classes

Chakras are about our subtle energy system. While we are acutely aware of our physical form, we have very little understanding of our inner design and architecture. As you will learn from the ChakraKey, we are masterfully designed to live in the wilds of Earth and yet commune with the Divine.

Chakras “energetic centers of consciousness”

Paramahansa Yogananda called the chakras “energetic centers of consciousness.” Chakras are like energetic computer programs. While our bodies provide us with our physical structure, our chakra system provides us with our “operating system” in charge of all of our many energetic systems. Like any computer – we are only as good as the quality of the software / level of consciousness. Our life experience is limited to:

  • How much we understand our physical nature, our emotional nature, and psychic nature.
  • How well we are able to maintain control over our physical desires
  • How well we are able to express our light – as spirit might shine through us.

ChakraKey will provide you with the basics for understanding the basic challenges we all face in life as human spiritual beings, including:

  • How to better manage inner urges for survival, sex, pursuit of pleasure and power.
  • Understanding love and your emotions
  • A new understanding of your psychic nature – and the many important abilities you possess as a spiritual being.

The more we know as an individual, the better we will do in life. The more we know collectively, the better we will be able to live together in Peace, Love and Harmony. Life is much like a game, when you know the rules to the game, you play the game better. When you live in ignorance of nature’s natural laws one tends to “over-reach” power not understanding the repercussions of karma.

We are a masterful creation of our most wonderful creator. One cannot help but awe of the human spiritual creation. We are all here for a reason, and of course, all of the dots connect in a perfect way, everything makes sense. There is harmony and order in our universe and love is at the core of everything.

Energetically, we are wired to find love, peace and balance in the physical world with all of its turmoil. Part of the lesson on chakras will bring you into greater awareness of each one. This understanding you will gain greater command of the body.

Why is it important to understand the chakras?

Ultimately, life is about “Energy Management.” We have 7 different levels of energy we can operate, from our Root – Crown - all unique aspects of our reality. Once you become aware of your energetic centers you can manage your personal energy better, observe where other people are coming from as well and use self-control to manifest the highest outcome for your life.

To understand the chakras is to understand your inner wiring. For example:
Say your battery is low in your car and you need a jump from another battery to get started.
You need to know where the battery is located
You need to know the difference between positive and negative
You need to know where to connect the jumper cables

This information provides us with a new understanding of who we are, why we are here, and brings us all light and understanding about the reality of our existence.

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm – As we are made, so should our world structures be made as well. ChakraKey gives us a map to follow for building social structures we need in place to love one another as honorable brothers and sisters.

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