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Love, Peace & Freedom Foundation or (LPF) Foundation is a 501c3 educational foundation, dedicated to growing love throughout the world by educating the public about who we are as human spiritual beings. Proof of our Divine nature is presented in “ChakraKey the Divine Code.” ChakraKey presents students with an illustrated map and guide to help them understand who they are as human spiritual beings and how to navigate life to their highest potential.This information will help individuals reconcile their spiritual reality based upon objective reasoning they can personally experience. It is our belief that we are all human spiritual beings here on Earth, and that the chakras provide us with a map of understanding our physical nature, our emotional nature and our psychic nature. As we grow in awareness of our Divine nature we are able to transcend the issues we face in life with greater clarity, purpose and experience a more prosperous evolution of consciousness. Through evolving consciousness, we are able to grow in love and live in peace, with the freedom of self-expression we all long for.


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