ChakraKey Symbols provide us with a blueprint of the human spiritual design.

Chakra personality test

Person with chakras Illustrates Hindu wisdom of the chakra system.

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ChakraSynergy Crop Circle found sculpted into a field of barley in the UK.

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chakra reading

ChakraSynergy colorized. Now we know where to find Love.

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Menorah of Jewish tradition – Reveals a secret code.

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Discover Your Truth Within

You are a spirit being with infinite power!

Discover how to use your inner power to manifest the greatest dreams of your life.

The purpose of this website is to help you see your Divine light for yourself. The symbols above will provide you with a map you can follow that makes learning the spiritual realities of life easy to understand. We have not been able to perceive our inner architecture until now due to the nature of our energetic design. Each of the three symbols provides us with specific information about our human spiritual design.

ChakraMan provides us with Hindu wisdom of the chakra system.
Menorah provides us with a wire diagram illustrating the energetic connections between the chakras.
ChakraSynergy crop circle illustrates the energetic design of the chakra system in operation.

Together, symbols of the ChakraKey provide us with a comprehensive understanding of how the Divine magic of life occurs within each of us. As beings of light, we are empowered with understanding who we are and the true nature of the world we live. Now is the time for you to step into your power as a Divine being by understanding how to operate your Divine equipment. It’s a radical transformation made easy to comprehend by the framework provided within the ChakraKey. The information is here for you now. It’s now up to you to step into your light!

We are Spiritual beings, here to bring love, peace and balance to our most beautiful world.

Looking for proof of your Divine nature?

Take the 2 minute spirit test

The 2 minute Spirit test will allow you to physically feel your Spirit essence. Go with Rick as he takes you on an inner journey into the heart and Root chakra where you can physically feel your Spirit essence using sound frequency.

Discover the reality of your inner beauty, power, light and love.

ChakraKey provides us with a blueprint of the inner programming for the human spiritual being. This revolutionary new information will help you understand who you are as spiritual being, how to better manage your physical body and “Rules for the Game of Life.” With this you will be able to focus your prayers and attention manifesting things for your life that matter most.

ChakraKey will provide you with a map and guide that makes learning the spiritual realities of life fun, easy-to-learn, and to apply in your life.

Chakras are about our subtle energy system. While we are acutely aware of our physical world, we have very little understanding of our inner design and architecture. As you will learn from the ChakraKey, we are masterfully designed to live in the wilds of Earth and yet commune with the Divine.

H indu wisdom of the chakra system provides us with information about our chakra system. Chakras are “Energetic Centers of Consciousness” located within the body from the base of the spine to just above the crown of the head. We are now able to physically experience these important energetic centers.

B ranches of the Menorah illustrate our inner programming code. Our spirit essence controls our physical body through the chakra system. The branches of the menorah give us a wiring diagram of how the system works. We are energetically wired to find love, peace and balance in the physical world with all of its turmoil. Part of the lesson on chakras will bring you into greater awareness of each one. This understanding you will gain greater command of the body.

C hakraSynergy logo – This most valuable symbol confirms that LOVE is at the core of our being. gives us important new information about our energetic design. Looking to the symbol, note how the upper and lower chakra systems are energetically controlled by the large heart chakra center. Within this work you will discover how three energetic systems work together synergistically in perfect harmony.


ChakraKey will help you to understand your physical nature, your spiritual nature and how they are both governed by your emotional nature. This information will help you to:

  • Make better decisions for your life
  • Play the Game of Life from another level
  • Peel-the-onion of life’s many lessons in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of pain and maximum amount of gain.

New Information about the Human Spiritual Design is presented to quicken your spiritual evolution on path of enlightenment.

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