How to manage your personal rainbow

Reality Check! We are Human Spiritual Beings!

As human spiritual beings, we experience greater Love Peace and Happiness by understanding our Human Spiritual Design.

Symbols of the Chakrakey provide us with a visual aid that help you to understand your natural instincts, your emotions, and spiritual abilities, so you might navigate life fully aware of who's in charge of your life and the ramification of the many decisions you make each day.

It's only after we understand the whole of who we are as human spiritual beings and how we fit into Mother Nature's plan that we are able to navigate life from a higher perspective.

Chakrakey presents us with "Rules for the Game of Life". As in any game, we play better when we know better. Discover all of who you are and the Rules for the Game of Life" using ChakraKey as a Maps and Guide, so you might live a more intentional life, filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

Rick Ireton presents Chakrakey at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living at workshop.

How to Manage Your Personal Rainbow.

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