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ChakraKey reveals an amazing discovery of three ancient symbols that interlink to form a blueprint illustrating the energetic design of the Human Spiritual Being. Our Divine architecture is revealed within the symbols that we can see and experience to be true. Within the design, we can clearly see that love is at the energetic core of our being.

Why is this important? Life is an inside game, it’s all about what you know. “It is through understanding and awareness of our human spiritual nature that we are able to manage our bodies, and live in the light of love as spiritual beings.” For the first time in human history, we have objective reasoning and hard science proving we are spiritual beings. We now have our Creators plan for humankind, and it's all about love, harmony, creative expression and personal growth. With this, we enter a new age - the age of Love!

How to Manage Your Personal Rainbow

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Rick Ireton

Author: ChakraKey

Founder: Love, Peace & Freedom Foundation

Spiritual Motivational Speaker

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Proof that we are human spiritual beings

A diagram of our inner programming
Where your authentic power lies
Our physical nature
Our emotional nature
Our Spiritual nature
How to accomplish your greatest dreams
How to win at the “Game of Life.”

Knowledge is Everything

As a being of light, you will be empowered by understanding who you are, why you are here and the Divine assets you embody. We are complex spiritual beings living in physical form in a world of duality. By the very nature of our existence, life is confusing. There’s so much going on, both within and without. Navigating life without a map is like a sailor navigating a ship without a rudder. As a spiritual being with a body you are two entities, one physical and one energetic. Without understanding your physical nature, the will of spirit is easily over-powered by your physical drives for survival, sex and power. Once you understand the nature of your physical body, you can take charge of your life with a greater determination, set on accomplishing the more important goals of your life.

Meet Rick Ireton - Spiritual Educator and author of ChakraKey

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; The point is to discover them." - Galileo

We are more than just the body!
We are Spiritual Beings!

The 2 Minute Spirit Test will allow you to physically feel your Divine essence.
Go with Rick as he takes you on an inner journey into the heart and Root chakra where you can physically feel your spirit essence using touch and sound frequency.

Want Proof?
Take the 2 Minute Spirit Test

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We know that LOVE is the answer. Now we know why!

The Key to Understanding is Found on the Path of Love.

The Divine Matrix


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Toning the Chakras: A Revolutionary New Process for Self-Discovery and Self-Healing

The Chakra Toning process involves tuning the pitch of your voice to the correct chakra tone while listening to the correct frequency for each chakra. During the process you will learn how to tune your voice to create a harmonic resonance with the frequency that will send your own personal healing energy into the chakra. This activity will allow you to self-heal or heal others through sending amplified healing frequencies through your voice.
Watch Rick’s Chakra Toning video: Click Here.

Click here for the list of Frequencies

What we believe:

The Love Party is a social movement dedicated to creating a more loving world through sharing educational materials about who we are as human spiritual beings, and how we are all made to love and to be loved. We believe that the ChakraKey and Divine Matrix provide a basis for understanding love, and our human spiritual design. Within this design, the common man is able to grasp fundamental information about the physical body, one’s emotions, psychic nature and how we are ultimately governed by love. With this understanding one is able to experience enlightenment and transformation through understanding the nature of one’s existence.
Using our inner architecture as a template, we will be able to design our world to become in harmony with Mother Nature through a simple education process made easy by the framework of design provided in the ChakraKey. Using love as our compass, we can navigate life with new objectives and new dreams for a better world we can collectively hold with absolute certainty.
We now have a map that will lead us to a world with greater Love, Peace & Freedom. The process begins with you and your personal transformation. We are birthing this work and welcome your support in any way you are moved to help. We are honored to be part of this unfolding knowing the karmic consequences of sharing light in such a profound way.

If you are interested in participating in this work, please fill out the information below.
With Joyful Blessings,

What people are saying?

  • Rebecca Ruloon
    This a very inspiring and beautiful book to read. Easy to understand and informational. The author seems to set a very loving tone to this book.
    Rebecca Ruloon
  • Athira Clarizon
    I am in awe. I just love this book .very inspiring and heartwarming. This book gave me a lot of realizations about the importance of having equilibrium in mind, body & spirit. I am very inspired to seek a whole new level of my spiritual being. I am very uplifted after reading this masterpiece.
    Athira Clarizon
  • Estebanon
    Many people "kind of-sort of" know what chakras are, but their relevance to us is mostly hazy. This book shines a light on that nebulous concept of our chakras and reveals the subtleties beneath life's physical surface, a place where most people get stuck. Author Ireton helps make the un-seeable seeable with this fascinating hands-on chakra "user guide." We are more than simply these bodies, these thinking minds. Since reading this book I have become more attuned to seeing the world, and other humans, through these new eyes. What a gift. I highly recommend.I bought this version and I really love the fact that it is full of love and enlightenment. Every chapter explains what being human is all about. I am a believer of Chakra and the importance of having balance in all aspects. The chakra key made my belief stronger and it made me realize the importance of my spiritual being. I am very fortunate I had the opportunity to read this book. I even bought the paperback version for my loved ones.I've read a lot of books about chakras. What I appreciate about this book is that it gives you an idea about how you can balance the different elements of your body to reach a whole new level of living. It's an inspiring book that will teach you a lot about life and how you can touch the life of other people as well. This book is so powerful and inspirational. It gives you the urge to seek another side of your body, mind & spirit.
  • Marion
    An authentic gem for spiritual seekers and everyone who wants to know more about our energetic and spiritual human design. Almost all of us have at least a vague notion of the chakra system as our energy body; however, for me, this book opened a new and fascinating door to explore the intricate connections and links between the chakras, the rainbow, the prism, the music scale, and the most intriguing of all, the seven-candle Jewish Menorah. This is very powerful information; it sheds new light on the question of our identity and purpose, for us to evolve and live according to our highest selves. I must warn you, though, that this is not a book you read in one sitting, and then you set it aside. It makes you think; it makes you examine your drives, your motives, the things that move you and the things you reject, your vision of the world. It makes you reflect on the real meaning of words we use without giving them much thought, like love, balance, and integrity. And you'll find some interesting things about yourself with the Personal Assessment and worksheet provided at the end of the book. This book is a great tool to know and understand yourself and your fellow humans and, most importantly, it conveys a message of hope for us living in this complex, troubled and awesome world. The best thing you can do is read it, cherish it, and give it as a gift to family and friends. What a wonderful world it would be if we all lived guided by love and our highest spiritual expression!I bought the e-book version of this book for myself. I just love the contents of the book that's why I bought the paperback version for my siblings because I know that they will surely appreciate the contents of this book. If you think you already know everything about chakras, better think again. this book will give you a deeper and more elaborate explanation of what the chakras are all about as well as the application of these chakra on real life situations. This book will also help uplift your spiritual being because it will enlighten you more about your purpose on earth. The book also discusses a lot about love and what love really is. Something that I wasn't able to find on other chakra books.

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